Vinyls autographed by Ilia Lagutenko


A unique collection of Mumiy Troll’s vinyls autographed by Ilya Lagutenko. Replenished regularly.


“Nevesta?” contains bonus tracks from the “Tochno Rtut Aloe” album 45 RPM.
“Ultra Production” factory, Moscow
Vinyl 180 grams, black.

“Tochno Rtut’ Aloe”

Marble-red color, 180 grams. “Ultra Production” factory, Moscow. “Nevesta?” Not included.


“Ikra” is the second Mumiy Troll best-selling influential studio album. Special limited edition vinyl version with alternative black cover was released in 2018 to mark album’s 21st anniversary. Double cover contains two LPs. 14 songs. Printed in Germany,180 grams. Analogue mastering straight to vinyl from the original master tape.

Printed in Germany, 140 grams. 500 copies

Vinyl “Vladivostok”

The first English-language album “Mumiy Troll”. The album was released in 2012 in Russia and Europe. Published on CDs and vinyl records.

Weight 0.800 kg
Dimensions 34 × 34 × 4 cm

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