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Terms of service

Terms of service at STORE.MUMIYTROLL.COM ONLINE STORE (hereinafter referred to as the Terms)

STORE.MUMIYTROLL.COM publishes these Terms, which are a public offer to an indefinite number of persons (hereinafter referred to as the Offer) to conclude a sale and purchase agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) with FE Babiy Kirill Vitalievich on the conditions contained in the Offer.

Terms and Definitions:

SELLER – a person performing the Agreement on these Terms, concluded by the acceptance of the BUYEREM. Contacts (details) of the Seller:

IP Babiy Kirill Vitalievich

Legal address: 141894, Moscow Region, Dmitrovsky District, Ter Association Sands, house 387.

Mailing address: 141894, Moscow Region, Dmitrovsky District, Ter Association Sands, house 387.

TIN 253600886834, OGRNIP 315253600006509,

OKPO code 0060794054, OKATO code 05401364000,

Bank account: 4080 28107 0010000 1508

Full name of the bank:

PJSC AKB AVANGARD 115035 Moscow, ul. Gardening 12, Page 1.

TIN 7702021163, KPP 997950001, OGRN 1027700367507

BIC 044525201, box / sc. 30101810000000000201 in GU

Bank of Russia in the Central Federal District

BUYER – any fully capable natural person or legal entity that has committed an acceptance of a public offer.

USER – a person registered on the Website www.shop.mumiytroll.com.

ONLINE SHOP / SITE – the official electronic trading platform where the SELLER sells GOODS located on the Internet at www.shop.mumiytroll.com

GOODS – an object of the material world, not withdrawn from civilian traffic and offered for sale in ONLINE STORE.

ORDER – GOODS and services agreed by the BUYER and the SELLER, regarding which the BUYER and the SELLER have mutual obligations on the terms agreed by the BUYER and the SELLER.

Article 1. Subject

The SELLER agrees to transfer ownership to the BUYER, and the BUYER agrees to pay for and accept the GOODS ordered at ONLINE STORE.

By purchasing the goods and pressing the “pay” button, the BUYER agrees with this public offer.

Section 2. General Terms

2.1. These Terms, as well as information about the GOODS presented in the ONLINE STORE, are a public offer in accordance with Article 435 and Part 2 of Article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

2.2. The following shall apply to the relationship between the BUYER and the SELLER:

(1) The provisions of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation on retail sale and purchase (§2 chap. 30), the provision of services for compensation (chap. 39);

(2) The Law of the Russian Federation “On the Protection of Consumer Rights” of 07.02.1992 No. 2300-1;

(3) Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of September 27, 2007 No. 612 “On approval of the rules for the sale of goods by remote means”;

(4) Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 01/19/1998 No. 55 “On approval of the Rules for the sale of certain types of goods, the list of durable goods, which are not covered by the BUYER’s requirement to provide him with free of charge for the repair or replacement of similar GOODS, and the list of non-food goods quality not subject to return or exchange for a similar product of other size, shape, size, style, color or configuration ”

as well as other applicable laws of the Russian Federation.

2.3. The fact of placing an ORDER with the SELLER confirms the unconditional acceptance of this Agreement by the BUYER, and the BUYER is considered as a person who entered into a contractual relationship with SHOP.MUMIYTROLL.COM.

2.4. ORDERING and pricing are carried out by the BUYER in the ONLINE STORE www.shop.mumiytroll.com

Article 3. Characteristics of the GOODS

3.1. Due to the various technical equipment of monitors, the color of the PRODUCT may differ from that presented on the SITE.

3.2. The appearance of the PRODUCT may slightly differ from that described on the SITE.

Article 4. Price of GOODS

4.1. Prices in the ONLINE STORE are indicated in Russian rubles per unit of GOODS.

4.2. Tariffs for the provision of services for the delivery of the GOODS are indicated in the ONLINE STORE for each PRODUCT, depending on its characteristics.

4.3. The total ORDER amount, which may include paid delivery of the GOODS, is indicated in the “Basket” section in the “Total” line.

Article 5. Payment for the GOODS

5.1. In the non-cash form of payment, the BUYER’s obligation to pay the GOODS price shall be deemed fulfilled from the moment of crediting the corresponding funds in the amount of 100% (one hundred percent) of the prepayment to the SELLER’s current account at the details indicated on the SITE.

5.3. Payment by credit card over the Internet at ONLINE STORE is made on a secure server of the Yandex.Kassa payment system. Payment is made by any of the possible methods provided for in the Yandex.Kassa system.

5.4. GOODS are delivered to the BUYER at prices, name, in the amount corresponding to the ORDER paid by the BUYEREM.

Article 6. Delivery of GOODS

6.1. BUYING THE GOODS TO THE BUYER is carried out at the address and within the time agreed by the BUYER and the SELLER’s manager when placing the ORDER,

6.2. In the absence of payment of the GOODS by the BUYER from the moment of placing the order on the website, the SELLER may consider the BUYER’s refusal to execute the Agreement.

Article 7. Warranty on GOODS

7.1. All GOODS presented in the ONLINE STORE www.shop.mumiytroll.com have all the necessary quality certificates and sanitary certificates, if the availability of such documents is mandatory in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

7.2. The warranty period for the operation of the GOODS is established by the manufacturer. The warranty period is indicated on the warranty card or on the PRODUCT label.

Section 8. Rights and Obligations

8.1. The SELLER undertakes:

8.1.1. Provide the BUYER with the opportunity to receive oral consultations by phone numbers indicated on the SITE. The scope of consultations is limited to specific issues related to the implementation of the ORDER.

8.1.2. The SELLER reserves the right to amend this Agreement unilaterally until its conclusion.

8.2. BUYER agrees:

8.2.1. Prior to concluding the Agreement, familiarize yourself with the contents of the offer agreement, the terms of payment and delivery on the Website (www.shop.mumiytroll.com).

8.2.2. Provide reliable information about yourself (name, contact numbers, email address) and details for the delivery of the GOODS.

8.2.3. Accept and pay for the GOODS within the periods specified in this Agreement.

Article 9. Responsibility and dispute resolution

9.1. The SELLER and the BUYER are responsible for non-performance or improper performance of the Agreement in the manner prescribed by the Agreement and the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

9.2. The SELLER is not responsible for the delivery of the ORDER if the BUYEREM indicates the wrong delivery address.

9.3. The SELLER is not liable if the BUYER’s expectations about the consumer properties of the GOODS were not justified.

9.4. The SELLER is not responsible for the partial or complete failure to fulfill the obligations for the delivery of the GOODS, if this happened due to force majeure.

9.5. The BUYER, filling out the ORDER, is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided about himself, and also confirms that he has read and agrees with the terms of this Agreement.

9.6. All disputes and disagreements arising in the performance of obligations by the SELLER and the BUYER under the Agreement are resolved through negotiations. If it is impossible to eliminate them through negotiations, the SELLER and the BUYER have the right to apply for judicial protection of their interests.

Article 10. Return of the GOODS

10.1. Return GOODS of proper quality.

10.1.1. The BUYER has the right to refuse the ordered GOODS of good quality at any time before receiving it, and after receiving the GOODS – within 14 days from the date of receipt of the GOODS. Return of GOODS of good quality is possible if the GOODS were not in use, its consumer properties were preserved, packaging was not damaged and documents were preserved, confirming the fact of purchasing this GOODS in ONLINE STORE.

10.1.2. The BUYER is not entitled to refuse the GOODS of good quality, having individually defined properties, if the specified GOODS can be used exclusively by the BUYER purchasing it. In particular, PRODUCTS ordered taking into account individual application may be referred to such GOODS.

10.1.3. If the BUYER refuses the GOODS in accordance with clause 10.1.1. Conditions The Seller shall return to him the amount of the payment made, with the exception of the Seller’s expenses for delivery of the returned GOODS from the BUYER, not later than 10 days from the date of receipt by the Seller of a written application of the BUYER.

10.2. Return of GOODS of inadequate quality.

10.2.1. The BUYER has the right to return the GOODS of inadequate quality to the manufacturer or the Seller and demand the return of the sum of money paid for the GOODS during the warranty period. Money shall be returned in the manner used by the BUYER when paying for the GOODS.

The BUYER in case of detection of defects in the GOODS of his choice has the right to demand:

– gratuitous elimination of defects of the GOODS or reimbursement of expenses for their correction by the BUYER or a third party;

– a commensurate reduction in the purchase price;

– replacement of GOODS of inadequate quality or elimination of deficiencies;

– replacement for a product of a similar brand (model, article) or for the same product of another brand (model, article) with the corresponding recalculation of the purchase price.

10.2.2. In case of BUYER refusal from the Agreement regarding delivery of the ordered GOODS and presentation of a demand for the return of the sum of money paid for the GOODS in accordance with clause 10.2.1. Conditions, the cost of the GOODS shall be returned to the BUYER within 10 days from the receipt by the Seller of a written application of the BUYER.

10.2.3. In case of refusal of the GOODS, the BUYER is obliged to return the GOODS of inadequate quality to the Seller.

10.2.4. The BUYER agrees that the PRODUCT can be delivered with slight inconsistencies of the GOODS to the manufacturer’s samples, which can be expressed only in slight differences in color, pattern, finish, aging, type of painting. The transfer to the BUYER of the parts of the GOODS with the indicated minor discrepancies will be considered as the proper execution of the Contract concluded by the BUYER and the SELLER in accordance with the acceptance of the public BUYER Offer.

Article 11. Protection of personal data
11.1. To protect their personal data, the USER / BUYER agrees not to inform the third parties of the login and password specified and received during registration. If the BUYER has suspicions regarding the security of his login and password or the possibility of unauthorized use by third parties, the BUYER agrees to immediately notify the SELLER by sending an email to shop@mumiytroll.com.

The regulation on the processing of personal data is published on the website and is available at shop.mumiytroll.com/privacy-policy

Article 12. Force Majeure
The SELLER and the BUYER are exempted from liability for non-performance or improper performance of obligations under the Agreement for the period of force majeure. Force majeure refers to extraordinary and insuperable circumstances under the given conditions that impede the performance of the obligations by the SELLER and the BUYER under the Agreement. These include natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, etc.), circumstances of public life (military operations, emergency situations, major strikes, epidemics, etc.), prohibitive measures of state bodies (transportation prohibition, currency restrictions, international sanctions a ban on trade, etc.). During this time, the SELLER and the BUYER have no mutual claims, and bear the consequences of force majeure.

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