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Welcome to Mumiy Troll`s official online store!

Congratulations to all fans of the band on the opening of the official store!

Celebrating the opening of shop.mumiytroll.com, Mumiy Troll prepared a joyful surprise: the the song “Nevesta?” from the album “Tochno Rtut` Aloe” is now on vinyl!

“Nevesta?” – is a vinyl of bonus tracks, completing Mumiy Troll’s vinyl series “Tochno Rtut` Aloe”.

The song “Nevesta?”, which had never been released on vinyl before, is also accompanied by “Maslo”, “Devochkadrug”, “Drugie Mesta”, and “Vecher”.

The vinyl was recorded at 45 rpm and printed at the Ultraproduction group.

From September, 4

Enjoy your shopping!

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